Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Supper Club Barbeque!

This month, we made the theme for our Supper Club Barbeque to take advantage of the [very] warm weather - and what a feast it was!

We had amazing appetizers: stuffed eggs, spiced almonds that packed a punch, a fabulous Rick Bayless guacamole with bacon, and both corn and wheat chips for dipping!  The Watermelon Punch was so refreshing on such a hot day - some of us mixed this with the delicious Cava we were drinking.

We enjoyed the most spectacular BBQ Pork with sauce and homemade buns: Oh. My. God. So smoky and delicious!

There were three incredible salads, including Grilled Watermelon & Tomato Salad (prepared by yours truly), and a German Fingerling Potato Salad, and the freshest, crispest Cole Slaw I've ever had (pic below).

Here you can see all the salads, including the splendid Corn Bread.

Last but not least, for dessert we had a wonderful homemade Corn Ice Cream and Brownies!

Don't you wish you'd been there?


KENTONRP said...

Yes! It looks fabulous!

Daphne said...

Thanks for the comment, Kenton! Yes, we Supper Clubbers eat way too well . . . :)