Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekly Winery Adventure: Gundlach Bundschu

Restless on a beautiful weekday afternoon, I decided to head over to Gundlach Bundschu for a tasting.  I’ve had their wines in the past, but had never visited the tasting room, even though it’s minutes from my home.  Well, it turns out it’s an interesting spot.  Their grounds are beautiful, and the winery hosts musical concerts and special events throughout the Summer and Fall.  Visitors with reservations can also take a tour of some of the vineyards and the Barrel Cave (seen below). 

Tito was my server for my tasting, and he had time to chat with me throughout because they weren’t very busy – this is one of the reasons I like tasting mid-week.  Gundlach’s vineyards enjoy cooler weather than that of many vineyards nearby, and I think it shows in all their wines.  Here’s what I tasted:
·    2008 Chardonnay – nicely balanced, pleasantly crisp, and not over-oaked notwithstanding that it is 100% barrel fermented.  I tasted toffee and a hint of tangerine.  I couldn’t get the classic Chardonnay-lobster pairing out of my mind.
·    2008 Tempranillo Rosé – 100% Tempranillo, very dry, and sort of smoky.  Notes of plum and kiwi.
·    2007 Pinot Noir – lovely nose, with hints of red cherry and blueberry.  I wanted a grilled salmon salad with it.
·    2006 Mountain Cuvée – A Bordeaux blend of 70% merlot, 29% cab and 1% petit verdot, with black cherry, spice and dark chocolate in the finish.  Lovely for the price; I bought one.
·    2007 Zinfandel – Tito brought this wine to me blind, and I didn’t guess it was a Zin because it’s not as huge and brash as many other Zins produced nearby, a pleasant contrast.  At first the nose was an explosion of strawberry jam, but in a minute or two, some interesting floral aromas emerged.  I tasted strawberry, black plum and white pepper, a hint of chocolate in the finish.  We discussed pairing it with lasagna or pasta with sausage, or something similar.
·    2007 Cabernet Franc – notes of black fruit, coffee, dark chocolate in the finish, nicely balanced.  I wanted a simple grilled steak.

I took the time to wander about the grounds a bit.  Lovely!  Quite pleasant wines, and a beautiful setting.  I suggest you visit!  Bring a picnic and enjoy the scenery!  And be sure to say hi to Tito!


Bon Vivant said...

That's quite a tasting! I pass by this winery often and one day I'll have to make a right turn into the driveway.

How much was the Bordeaux style blend?

Daphne said...

BV, the Bordeaux blend was $24. I'll meet you there any time!